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Cameroon: C is for Corruption

Christiane Badgley, for the Pulitzer Center

Fish pond anger

This is an angry man. He's standing in a 4 million CFCA (US$ 9000) fish pond. Well, it was supposed to be a fish pond.

Wells in Udupi

Sonali Kudva, Pulitzer Student Fellow

As I did my project, I began to become more aware of the different water issues we face in India. At a large-scale public level, we have problems like privatization, but on a smaller scale, just everyday life sometimes brings with it, its own sets of issues which contribute to the larger global water crisis.

Life Along a Tide-Soaked Coast

In these slides, Anna-Katarina Gravgaard and Bill Wheeler travel through rural Bangladesh, examining the lives of those intimately impacted by river erosion and rising waters along the low-tide coast.

There’s no going back for them

Sonali Kudva, Pulitzer Student Fellow

I was delighted to meet Swapnil Kumbhar, one of those affected and displaced when the dam itself was built.

Swapnil's family had land right where the current wall stands for the Nira-Deoghar dam. His family believed in the promises made by the government in terms of the compensation they would receive for the losses incurred by them.

Trek to Mirador

The two-day trek to El Mirador and the three-day stay was our introduction as a group to Petén, Guatemala.

Photos by David M. Barreda

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