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"Voices of Haiti" iBook on iTunes!

"Voices of Haiti," the second in the Pulitzer Center's series of iBooks on issues that matter, is now available. Visit the iTunes store to download a free sample or purchase the full book.

Refugee Road: The Flight from Mali

A rebellion in Mali has carved out a new territory in West Africa and created a new wave of refugees. A Tuareg man, once "a great rebel soldier," now a refugee in Burkina Faso, tells his story.

A Wide Political Divide in Ivory Coast

The 2010 Ivory Coast presidential election resulted in deep political divisions and five months of war. The political divisions remain, along with high unemployment and deepening frustration.

Playing Music to Escape Mexico Murders

A former school drop-out, Esteban Ruiseco is the type of teenager Mexico's drug cartels prey upon. And he might have joined them, if the clarinet hadn't given him hope for a better future.

China's iPad Generation

The high cost of China's economic miracle: A generation of children left behind when parents work in factories hundreds of miles from home.

Afghanistan: The E-bookseller of Kabul

Afghan entrepreneurs are taking advantage of new technology, including audio editions, to bring books to a market that faces the challenge of 28 percent illiteracy.