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India's "Love Jihad": Islam’s Seductive Weapon?

In Indian state of Kerala, the art of seduction is rumored to be Islam’s new secret weapon of proselytization. But can it? And will it threaten the communal peace in this tolerant multicultural state?

Kerala: Between The ‘Icon’ And The ‘Supremo’

Attempts by linguistic nationalists to favor Marathi over Hindi in Mumbai raise doubts about India’s sobriety, while the country’s near-unanimous denunciation of such divisive act dispel them.

India: A Glimpse of Reality in Kerala

Experts hail Kerala, India’s diverse southern state, as an outstanding example of democratic social progress. But beneath the first-world quality of life lie inequality and the lack of jobs.

Patchwork Nations: Report on Mumbai

India's financial capital, Mumbai, has seen terror attacks that killed at least 170 people in 2008. However, mounting tensions among its population aren’t focused on religion but on language use.

Souls, Sacrilege and Salvation

The Reverend Robert Griffin leads a secret church that is welcoming to gay men and women in Jamaica. He believes that religion is at the heart of Jamaica culture of homophobia and the time has come to reinterpret the Bible for modern times.

Violence and Venom

Jamaica may be one of the most violently homophobic societies in the world. This piece explores the dark side of Jamaica's culture of anti-gay violence and attitudes and explores the ideological beliefs that perpetuate it.

“Bring Me a Seal!”

Linda Matchan, for the Pulitzer Center (Photos by Michele McDonald)

1runninglateRunning late after a break, one student rushes into Ataguttaaluk High School, while two other students are unconcerned about being late.

The Architect of 9/11

Daniel Brook's Pulitzer Center project on Mohamed Atta, "The Architect of 9/11," was featured in a segment on WBUR's "Here and Now" on Nov. 9.

"Did You Say a Circus?"

Linda Matchan, for the Pulitzer Center (Photos by Michele McDonald

The other day, on a bitterly cold morning in Igloolik, Michele and I suited up in four or five layers and started walking to the airport to meet up with Artcirq, the Arctic circus. They were heading to Iqaluit to rehearse the show they're performing at the February winter Olympics in Vancouver.