Outbreaks and Epidemics


From here the mountains around
Port-au-Prince are green; too
far to see the denuded hillside,
too far to see the brown wounds

Bebe's Wish

When you leave from here, head down
Canape Vert to your cooling hotel room,
to the breadfruit casserole and barbecue
chicken, to the closed in peace of your

Mother of Mothers

The faces of mothers of mothers,
their cheekbones gleaming against
taut skins; their eyes glazed
with the scarring of so much loss.


Every crumbled building is a tomb.
We step over grey crushed bricks
and the entanglement of steel.

Earning the Trust of Haitians with HIV

Photographing and telling the stories of HIV positive Haitians after the earthquake requires sensitivity, earning the trust of the subject and allowing their common humanity to show through.

HIV/AIDS Hotline in Haiti Provides Information, Hope for Some

In his third video diary, award-winning poet Kwame Dawes discusses an HIV/AIDS information hotline outside of Port-au-Prince. Receiving between 3,000 and 5,000 calls per month, mostly from men, the center is a vital source of information for Haitians about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Filmed by Andre Lambertson.

Little Girl Lost

Raped and pregnant, a fourteen-year-old child in Haiti is pushed into a life of prostitution and poverty.

Refugee Camps in Haiti: A breeding ground for HIV/AIDS?

In the second edition of his video diaries, Kwame Dawes discusses the increasing sexual activity in the IDP and refugee camps in Haiti. Rooted in boredom, overcrowding and lack of privacy in the camps, some experts wonder whether this will contribute to higher rates of HIV/AIDS. Filmed by Andre Lambertson.

Precious are the Feet of Those...

"Precious are the Feet of Those..." is the second in a series of visual poems chronicling challenges faced by Haitians infected, and affected, by HIV/AIDS in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Precious are the Feet of Those...

Poetry by Kwame Dawes Images by Andre Lambertson