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Story Publication logo June 27, 2014

Cambodia: Vibrant Lake May Face Less Fishy Future


Image by Chris Berdik. Cambodia, 2013.

For centuries, the flood pulse of this lake has fed a nation and nurtured incredible biodiversity...

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Fisherman in Kampong Luong must haul their catch to vehicles in order to transport it to nearby markets. Image by Luc Forsyth for Ruom. Cambodia, 2014.

Tonle Sap Lake is one of the most productive freshwater ecosystems in the world. But overfishing, climate change and plans to build a hydropower dams could threaten the animals that make their home in the body of water known as the beating heart of Cambodia. Hari Sreenivasan narrates a report in partnership with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting on efforts to track and maintain lake health.



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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change

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