Turkey: A Golden Future in Doubt

Istanbul is a modern metropolis of glass and steel skyscrapers, but the old Grand Bazaar still exerts a powerful pull on the city's imagination.

Haiti: Sitting on a Gold Mine

Two Canadian mining companies are picking up where the Dominican Republic government left off. Their gold mine could pay off big, but Haiti's rivers and lakes are likely to suffer.

The Poetry of Afghanistan's Women

In Afghanistan, poems called landai express love and grief in two lines. For many Afghan women, these poems are a powerful form of protest.

Mexico: Chihuahua’s Devastating Drought

In the midst of a killer drought, a lake in Chihuahua has dried up, 350,000 cattle have died, and farmers are spending up to $10,000 a month pumping underground water for irrigation.

El Salvador’s Vanishing Coast

Few countries in the Americas are as vulnerable to climate change as El Salvador, which in recent years has been battered by increasingly extreme storms and severe flooding.

A Lonely Death in Japan's Welfare Town

Unemployed men sleep on the streets of Kamagasaki, curled up in cardboard boxes. They find themselves outcasts from the mainstream "salaryman" culture. Alcoholism and suicide are common.

In Pictures: Life on Kenya's Dandora Dump Near Nairobi

The overloaded municipal dump near Kenya's capital, Nairobi, is not only a place for scavengers who make money selling scraps they find, but also a place for the hungry who cannot afford food.

Japan: Not Enough Jobs in Osaka

Job creation is one of the biggest challenges Japan faces. A government labor center in Osaka has little to offer unemployed day workers other than mopping the floor at the center.

Nuba Mountains: Sudan's Next Darfur?

As Sudan's army fights rebels in South Kordofan, an estimated 1 million civilians suffer daily from air strikes. The situation is becoming a humanitarian crisis to equal Darfur.