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Pakistan: Hanging with the Ladies

In the gray light of my first morning in Pakistan, the thick salty smell of sulfur introducing me to the seaside city of Karachi, the streets were full of men. With few exceptions it was men congregating in front of the still dark airport, men piled onto buses carnival decorated with Technicolor and chrome and men weaving through the thickening traffic on motor bikes and rickshaws.

South Africa: Do rhinos make good cattle?

Brendan Borrell, for the Pulitzer Center

A troop of baboons clambers up the granite rocks overlooking the Mauricedale Game Ranch, some 25,000 acres of South African brush squeezed between Kruger National Park to the north and the country of Swaziland to the south. For the last seven days, I've been crisscrossing the brush on five hundred miles of dirt tracks learning about the inner workings of a private game reserve.

Guatemala: A Divided Country's Hidden Hunger

The little girl does not smile. She doesn't have the energy. Hopefully she will soon.

She is in a rehabilitation clinic in Jocotan, Chiquimula, a province in the far east of Guatemala, near to Honduras. Her name is Domitila, she is nine years old. Her body is emaciated, she is fragile. Patches of her hair are missing, the veins in her legs show through her skin. Her face has a perpetual look of sorrow – the muscles are too weak to change expression. Other children in her family were in similar shape, the nurse tells me.


J. Malcolm Garcia, for the Pulitzer Center. Photos by Darren McCollester

A Wantugu Edit

The lives of Kayayo women living in the "Sodomandgomorrah" city in Ghana.