"The Rise of the Killer Virus" Premieres on Smithsonian Channel

Digging through paraffin samples in the basement of a Kinshasa hospital. Image by Carl Gierstorfer. DRC, 2013.

There may never be a virus as deadly or as misunderstood as AIDS. Responsible for 36 million deaths since its discovery in 1981, it remains shrouded in myths, misconceptions, and mistruths... until now. Scientists deep in the African Congo have discovered forgotten clues that are rewriting the story of the global pandemic and revealing shocking facts about its origins. Now the race is on to see if these new findings are the key to developing a vaccine that could finally win the epic battle against HIV.

Watch on the Smithsonian Channel:
8:00pm, Monday 12/01
11:00pm, Monday 12/01
1:00pm, Thursday 12/04