Images from the Last Day of Carnaval in Two Small Coca-Farming Communities in Los Yungas

In the small coca farming community of Pasto Pata, a young boy displays his mask while the band plays on and adults dance down the street during the last day of Carnaval.

Men and women in Pasto Pata start the party early in the morning.

Street scene in Pasto Pata during La Tentación

Men from the village keep their neighbors and friends dancing all day long.

As is the case in most Bolivian festivals — during Tentación, the drinking starts early, and will continue until late in the evening.

A 'cholita' from Pasto Pata in her finest attire for the celebration

A couple takes a break from the festivities.

A group of men from the village of Chicaloma playing traditional Bolivian songs

In the community of Chicaloma, a young man rests in front of the drums used for the traditional Afro-Bolivian style of music known as Saya.

A child entertains herself with a balloon while her parents dance down the street.

Afro-Bolivian men and teenagers playing Saya during the street festivities

As the day begins to wind down in Chicaloma, children play beneath a tree.

A young boy in Chicaloma