How to Help - some thoughts from Greg Carr

Stephanie Hanes, for the Pulitzer Center
Gorongosa, Mozambique

Hi all. I think I mentioned that I asked people at Gorongosa Park what they thought about the whole "how to help" question. Here's what Greg Carr wrote in response...

How can a small group of people change the world:

First, an individual needs to have a big dream. Then, she or he needs to encourage others to share the vision and improve it with their own ideas.

A small team of people who together adopt an ambitious project can indeed create miracles in this world. Unity of purpose is the key. Team members must trust each other. They need to communicate. Many groups fail because they work against themselves.

It is generally not due to bad motives on the part of anyone but due to misunderstandings. Team mates who are having a problem should discuss it, resolve it and move forward. The group should remind itself frequently of its core objectives and the worthiness of the cause.

Remember that the tough days are more valuable than the easy days. Difficulties give the team, as well as individuals within the team, a chance to grow. Difficulties test our character, and as we fight to overcome, we improve.

Those of us who have joined together to restore the Gorongosa ecosystem cannot predict all of the challenges we'll encounter, but we'll keep the long-term goal in our mind's eye, the values of the mission in our heart, and our feet moving ahead.