Foreign Correspondents' Helmets and Scribbled Notes Focus of Artwork

Janeen Heath, for the Pulitzer Center

Additional coverage of the exhibit published at GlobalPost Ground Truth on April 13.

Artist Cindy Kane has taken steel military helmets and hand-scratched notes written in the field from 50 journalists and fashioned them into a work of art for all to see. Charlayne's helmet and notes Anthony Shadid and Charlayne Hunter-Gault, who serve on Pulitzer Center's Advisory Council, are among those participating foreign correspondents whose personal reflections from the field contribute to this exhibit.

"After years of considering various icons which could support the notes and paper detritus which journalists save, I decided on the military helmet to provide the backbone of the installation. I have always been drawn to the role that journalists play in informing us about the events which shape history, and to the great tradition of the war correspondent," Kane wrote in her artist statement.

"The helmets have been used in battles, and the journalists' notes record the despair of people trapped by war, poverty, and political oppression. Ultimately the helmets encircle the visitor in the journalists' quests for truth, honoring their ability to bring us stories from embattled places on the earth."

Check out The Helmet Project & Writers Series, installation and new paintings by Cindy Kane, from Wednesday, March 25 through Saturday, April 25, 2009 at Cheryl Pelavin Fine Arts in New York City. Click here for details.

Reception to be held on the opening night, Wednesday, March 25.

Above image: "Original Notes: Charlayne Hunter-Gault"