DRC: Rwanda's walk through Congo

Michael Kavanagh, for the Pulitzer Center
Michael traveled to the DRC on a grant from the Pulitzer Center

Women and children watch Rwandan soldiers leave the former FDLR stronghold of Nyabiando.
The Rwandans have left the Congo; we just followed hundreds (thousands?) of them across the border. It took them a little over four weeks to walk 100 or so muddy kilometers to Walikale territory and back. At the border, a few people cheered and said the FDLR problem was over. In the towns I just returned from where the FDLR used to live, people realize their problems are just beginning. They've been on the receiving end of revenge attacks by FDLR coming down from their hiding places in the forest. They've had their possessions looted by the Congolese soldiers who supposedly came to protect them.