David Junior

David Gibson and his girlfriend Grace live with their one-month-old baby, David Junior, and Grace's grandmother Sarah, in a makeshift shack along the beach near Mambo Point in Monrovia. As the sole breadwinner in the family, David spends his days with other boys begging for change in the parking lot of Abi Jabi's, the supermarket in town. David lost his right leg during the war and now walks on crutches making it difficult for him to hold the baby without Grace's help. As he looks down at his son, he prays that he will grow up to have a better life than he had. But looking around him he sees how difficult that will be — Where will he get the money to send David Jr. to school? How will he feed him and support him? And does Liberia have the resources and infrastructure to help raise these children?

David isn't the only one. Many of the young people we have met have children of their own. Do the benefits of reintegration trickle down to the next generation? Or are the challenges (and sins) of their fathers passed down to the children?