Memories of Red: Hungary's Sludge Disaster

In the months after toxic sludge flooded residential areas and farmland in Hungary, some local residents still suffer from environmental and health problems while others have found new opportunities.

Turkey's Museum of Shame

Diyarbakir prison, a site notorious both for its torture of Kurds and for laying the groundwork of the modern Kurdish resistance, will soon be turned into a museum--but not without controversy.

Bulgaria: The Gold Mine and the Beekeeper's Fable

Author and beekeeper Ismail Yakup says the Bulgarian government is ignoring the voice of the Krumovgrad community by supporting an open-pit gold mine that will pollute the soil, water, and air.

Bulgaria: The Real Cost of Gold

Dimiter Kenarov looks at the lives of the people from the Krumovgrad region as they deal with the large-scale mining project that is threatening to destroy their most precious resources.

Turkey: The Kurds and the Quake

The recent earthquake in Turkey devastated Van, a center of Kurdish resistance to the Turkish government. Some hope the tragedy and the rescue effort that followed will help the two sides reconcile.

A Mystery in the Sewers

Someone in Tampere, Finland, has been excreting stools laced with the poliovirus and flushing them into the sewer system since 2008, threatening eradication campaigns.