Greece: The Youth Vote for Change

For Greek youth the economic crisis is a wake-up call for change. Most side with SYRIZA, the anti-bailout party; others, wary of risking Greece's position in the Eurozone, favor the New Democracy.

Turkey: A Golden Future in Doubt

Istanbul is a modern metropolis of glass and steel skyscrapers, but the old Grand Bazaar still exerts a powerful pull on the city's imagination.

Great Scots

Scotland’s soaring national pride speaks volumes about the potential of a complicated dissolution from the United Kingdom.

Independence for Scotland?

If the Scottish National Party (SNP) has its way, Scotland will dissolve the United Kingdom's union, formed in 1707. What does being Scottish mean to the Scots?

Jamaica's Soldier Girls

After being shot by anti-gay gunmen, a young lesbian from Jamaica was granted asylum in the Netherlands.

A Safe Haven in Holland

A former military base in the Netherlands is now home to refugees from all over the world, including Simone, who is fleeing homophobic oppression in Jamaica.