Eastern Europe

BBC News Interviews David Rochkind

BBC News interviews David Rochkind on how he has funded his reporting projects through grants.

TB in Moldova

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Moldova's health system has struggled to cope and the country became vulnerable to a growing tuberculosis (TB) crisis.

Ukraine: Journalists Face Uncertain Future

Since the election of President Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine has suffered an erosion of press freedom. As incidents of government intimidation rise, media watchdogs fear a return to the dark ages for the country's independent media.

The Global Egg Trade

The market for women's eggs is booming. But wide differences in price and poor regulation over human egg donations have created an international black market for eggs

Brutal Censorship: Targeting Russian Journalists

Independent journalists in the North Caucasus often find that reporting is a life-threatening pursuit. Many have been forced to flee Russia and seek asylum elsewhere, while others have been murdered for their work.