Eastern Europe

Kosovo's Roma People Struggle in Resettlement Camps

In 1999 following the NATO led bombing in the Kosovo region, the United Nations built resettlement camps for one of the wars overlooked people, the Roma. Two of these camps were built next to a toxic slagheap of 100 million tons of lead runoff. The hurriedly constructed barracks were also built with old painted lead boards. Today, ten years later, the people of Chesmin Lug and Osterrode camps continue to struggle with life and health.

Unless otherwise noted, photos and text credited to: Darren McCollester / Pulitzer Center

Gypsies Relocated by UN Remain on Toxic Land

NORTH MITROVICA, Kosovo — Displaced by conflict and stranded by bureaucratic inertia, dozens of Roma families remain on toxic land 10 years after they were relocated there by the United Nations following the Kosovo war.


J. Malcolm Garcia, for the Pulitzer Center. Photos by Darren McCollester