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Jon Sawyer speaks at Southeastern World Affairs Conference

Jon Sawyer, the Pulitzer Center's executive director, spoke at the American Freedom Association's Southeastern World Affairs Institute in Black Mountain, N.C. on July 27. Sawyer gave a summary speech of the conference, which focused on US trans-Atlantic relations.

Engaging the world, North Carolina style

Jon Sawyer, Pulitzer Center

Every summer, the last weekend of July, a hardy band of world-watchers gathers in Black Mountain, N.C., for the Southeastern World Affairs Institute. They've been at it for 55 years and for nearly half that time I've been there too, in recent years as the in-house journalist who gives the closing summary of the talks.

Common Language Team presents at Americans for Informed Democracy's Global Scholar Program

On July 10th, The Common Language team presented their reporting on the growing water crisis in Ethiopia and Kenya to Americans for Informed Democracy's Global Scholar Program. The course seeks to give students a historical overview of international affairs and a background on the most important international institutions. It takes an in-depth look at globalization and the U.S. role in our increasingly globalized world.