Escaping from Burma but Falling into Slavery

Up to 3 million Burmese migrants have flooded into Thailand where employers are taking advantage, mistreating them and often paying little more than slave wages.

Burmese Migrants: Fishing for a New Life in Thailand

Desperate to escape political and economic suffering, many Burmese migrate to Thailand only to discover things can get worse. Millions become victims of exploitation and human trafficking.

Escaping from Somalia's Famine into a Perilous Refuge

NGO workers in Kenya, though grateful for the recent influx of aid dollars, are frustrated with the current state of chaos. They want to establish long-term development programs to avoid famines.

Haven and Hell: The World's Largest Refugee Camp

Hundreds of thousands of Somalis have fled their country to escape famine, but they are not finding significant improvement in living conditions when they arrive at the Dadaab complex.

Thai Election Primer: Red Shirts Vs. Yellow Shirts

As Thailand's parliamentary elections approach, courting voters has become a creative visual endeavor. But despite a myriad of choices, only two parties will have a real impact on the elections.