Foreign Policy

Trouble in Khartoum

While many fear trouble in Southern Sudan with the upcoming split, Northern Sudan's instability is equally troubling.

Wheels of Change

How one Saudi woman fought for women's equality by taking her Hummer out for a spin.

The Lost Villages

Four weeks after the Taliban announced the beginning of their annual spring offensive, the insurgents have quietly taken over most of the Balkh province.

Terror in Abyei

Interviews with fleeing residents from Abyei, a border town in Sudan, make one thing clear: the regime in Khartoum is determined to claim the city as its own.

A One-Man Insurgency

The veneration of Samaruddin, a policeman killed by NATO after he murdered two American soldiers last month, represents the discontent in Faryab Province with the NATO presence in Afghanistan.

A Groom's Tale

UNICEF reports that 57 percent of marriages in Afghanistan involve girls below the legal age limit. But, in the isolated north, girls are not the only ones married young.

Trauma Center

In a country where the trauma never ceases, at least two-thirds of Afghanis suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. With suffering almost completely unrecognized, prayer is the only therapy.

Afghanistan: The Fight Goes On

"Bin Laden was just one man. Why should his death bring any changes here?" said Colonel Nur Ahmad, the deputy police chief of Jowzjan province.

The Deadliest Village in Russia

At the front line in Russia's war on terrorism, it's a war not just of bullets and bombs, but of ideas; and it's a war the Kremlin appears to be losing.

Massacre in Mazar

The murdered U.N. workers are the latest trauma for Mazar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan, a city that's seen centuries of horrific killings.