Foreign Policy

Afghanistan: Crime Scene

Anna Badkhen rides through Afghanistan’s Khorasen, a region where almost every turn brings a reminder of the violence that has punctuated this part of the country.

Libya's Sexual Revolution

Wartime romance is budding in Libya. After fighting to take down Qaddafi, the country's once least eligible bachelors are now being seen in a new light.

Tunisia's Surprising New Islamists

Nine months after the revolution that sparked the Arab Spring, Ellen Knickmeyer revisits two of the first Tunisians to protest against the Ben Ali regime.

Egypt: Hot Teachers

Egypt's educational system is a shambles. Teachers and students have gone on a nation-wide strikes to protest the slow pace of reforms under the transitional military government.

'I Will Be Killed Soon'

Little has changed for the people in Afghanistan since the U.S. invaded the country--perpetual violence and intimidation still exist, especially against those who lent a hand to Western-led efforts.

Roads to Ruin

Generations of conquerors and marauders have come and gone in northern Afghanistan, but the paths on which they travel have endured.

In a Sick Country

Afghanistan is dying--not because of the Taliban or the allied forces, but from treatable illnesses that are slowly killing off a population with no medical services.

The Taliban are Here. Does It Matter?

Karaghuzhlah is just one of many settlements in Balkh province taken over by the Taliban in the past year, but life in the community has not improved--residents still live in extreme poverty.

The Taliban Come to Mazar

Last month, NATO forces ceded this northern city to the Afghan army, calling it safe territory. But insurgent forces are on the doorstep.

Idle Kingdom

A wave of young Saudis are graduating and looking to move into the job market, but most cannot find work--a struggle reflected in the country's 40 percent unemployment rate.

Five Months of Waiting

After five months of waiting for their demands to be met, Egyptians are once again hosting large demonstrations in Tahrir Square.

Trouble Down South

Yemen's political future will depend on its relationship with Saudi Arabia.