Foreign Policy

Kenya: The Waste Land

For Nairobi's poorest, the enormous trash dump that's slowly killing them is also the only thing keeping them alive.

Great Scots

Scotland’s soaring national pride speaks volumes about the potential of a complicated dissolution from the United Kingdom.

Scot Free

A guided tour of Scotland, as the country debates its looming vote on independence.

Turkey's Museum of Shame

Diyarbakir prison, a site notorious both for its torture of Kurds and for laying the groundwork of the modern Kurdish resistance, will soon be turned into a museum--but not without controversy.

What Turkey Can Teach Egypt

Egypt’s elections have produced big gains for Islamist parties. Can Egypt's Islamists learn from their Turkish counterparts how to end military domination while keeping religion out of politics?

Afghanistan: Written on the Body

In Afghanistan, age-old violence rakes the land and steals its children. Somehow, civilians still find ways to survive. Anna Badkhen files her last dispatch.

Afghanistan: The Elements' Armistice

"In the winter we have peace and in the summer we have war." Seasons dictate the rhythm of nearly everything in rural Afghanistan, including war. Anna Badkhen reports from Karaghuzhlah.

Afghanistan: War Outside the Frame

Afghanistan's war has no running time. Incessant violence has become the norm for those living in rural villages like Oqa where every life is a wartime tragedy.

Afghanistan: Crime Scene

Anna Badkhen rides through Afghanistan’s Khorasen, a region where almost every turn brings a reminder of the violence that has punctuated this part of the country.