Launched July 18, 2018 Shaina Shealy
Journalist Shaina Shealy reports on the impact of today's digital technologies on women and girls in Myanmar.
Launched July 17, 2018 Esha Chhabra
Entrepreneurs and investors are rewriting the rules of business, challenging conventional growth principles to build an economy fueled by transparency and equality.
Launched July 13, 2018 Olivia Watson
Current political events have demonstrated the fragility of Slovenia's government. From resignations to emerging political parties—what do the people of Slovenia want for their future?
Launched July 12, 2018 Brett Walton
After three years of severe drought, Cape Town’s water supply is at the brink of failure. How do leaders and residents respond to an era of unreliable water?
Launched July 11, 2018 Elliott Woods
Audemio Orózco-Ramírez was raped in a Montana jail by his cellmates in 2013 after being detained at a traffic stop for failing to provide immigration documents. This year, he was finally deported.
Launched July 8, 2018 Jared Olson
An army of campesinos armed with little but words, a social movement, and a radical democratic project buried deep in the Mexican jungle: The Zapatistas defy easy categorization. This is their story.
Launched July 6, 2018 Alice Su
As Iraq's religious and ethnic minority groups return to Mosul and the Nineveh plains, how are they supposed to rebuild not only their homes, but also their relations with one another?
Launched July 5, 2018 Tomas Woodall Posada
How have local volunteers mobilized and aided Puerto Rican communities after Hurricane Maria?
Launched July 5, 2018 Siddharthya Roy
Siddharthya Roy travels to Bangladesh and files a series of reports documenting the many threads of political turmoil and violence that have gripped the delta nation.
Launched July 5, 2018 Kiley Price
As development increases across Thailand, so do deforestation and pollution. Activist Buddhist monks have stepped up as champions for the environment through ritual and advocacy.
Launched July 5, 2018 Sylvia Varnham O’Regan
New Zealanders make up the largest group of people inside Australian detention centers, and hundreds have been deported in recent years—an issue that’s causing mounting social and political tensions.
Launched July 5, 2018 Marissa Evans
Texas is searching for ways to curb the alarming number of women dying less than a year after their pregnancies. Poland, a conservative, anti-abortion, religious country may have solutions.
Launched July 2, 2018 Felipe Luna, Michael Snyder
The arrival of a monster has permanently transformed the communities and ecosystems of northern Bolivia's Amazon.
Launched June 29, 2018 Jessica Pishko
Pretrial diversion–where defendants pay fees to avoid prison time–are increasing popular. But some government agents are profiting from people's inability to pay the fees.
Launched June 28, 2018 Texas Tribune Staff, Julián Aguilar
The Texas Tribune is shining a bright light on the U.S.-Mexico border in the aftermath of the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy that separated children from their parents.
Launched June 28, 2018 Lucian Perkins
During World War II, a French village helped Jews escape the Nazis at great peril. Today, as the world turns its back on refugees, they welcome them. We explore why.
Launched June 25, 2018 Brooke Jarvis
Eighty years after its official extinction, the thylacine is still "spotted" regularly. This article will explore what the phenomenon tells us about extinction and guilt, nature and resilience.
Launched June 21, 2018 Lizzie Wade
After five decades of war, Colombia's government made peace with the FARC rebels. Now scientists are racing to study areas that were once too dangerous to explore.
Launched June 19, 2018 Jake Naughton, Aarti Singh
What happens when a country takes a huge and unexpected step backwards? India decriminalized homosexuality in 2009, then made it illegal again in 2013. Now, untold LGBTQ Indians are living in limbo.
Launched June 16, 2018 Simona Foltyn
The war against ISIS in Iraq is officially over. Now the government faces another momentous task: It must bring those responsible to account.
Launched June 15, 2018 Annalisa Merelli
How paying 14 girls to attend schools boosted an entire economics ecosystem in rural Uttar Pradesh, India.
Launched June 12, 2018 Svanika Balasubramanian
Will a recent concerted multilateral effort by governments to protect the rights of migrant domestic workers in the Middle East be enough to change a culture of abuse and exploitation?
Launched June 11, 2018 Jon Cohen, William Brangham
Tools are now available to prevent and treat HIV infections, but Russia, Nigeria and the U.S. state of Florida each are struggling, for different reasons, to fully exploit the power of these tools.    
Launched June 7, 2018 Brian Cassey, Martin Enserink
A young Catalan physician-scientist working on a remote island in Papua New Guinea has single-handedly revived the old quest to eradicate yaws, a disfiguring skin and bone disease.