Launched September 2, 2007 Andre Lambertson, Naje Lataillade
Reporter Ruthie Ackerman and photographer Andre Lambertson travel from Staten Island to Liberia, investigating the lives and struggles of Liberian youth after the 14-year civil war.
Launched August 11, 2007 Charles Lane
Paraguay is the fastest growing soybean producer in the world bringing untold riches to a very poor and corrupt country.
Launched August 1, 2007 Jason Motlagh
Today Maoist insurgents keen to exploit the state's enduring weaknesses stalk the Hindu heartland. They are waging their "people's war" in under-policed areas where conditions are most fertile.
Launched July 9, 2007 David Enders, Richard Rowley
"Iraq: Death of a Nation" examines how the U.S. invasion and occupation created a multi-faceted civil war in which the U.S. is now actively arming multiple factions.
Launched July 7, 2007 Barry Simmons
Seven years ago, Milton Ochieng' became the first person from his village in Kenya to receive a college scholarship in the United States.
Launched June 17, 2007 Jeffrey Barbee
Jeffrey Barbee set off Across The Great Divide with boat maker/Captain Andre Watson and first mate Deon Tulleken, exposing the most striking hot-spots of biodiversity in the Atlantic Ocean before
Launched June 13, 2007 Carlos Villalon, Phillip Robertson
Journalist Phillip Robertson and videographer Carlos Villalon investigate the controversies swirling around America's most important Latin American ally and what they mean for the people of Colombia.
Launched June 4, 2007 Jessie Graham
On the surface, Iran is simply a theocracy in a standoff with the United States.
Launched May 21, 2007 Jen Marlowe, David Morse
Gabriel Deng, Koor Garang and Garang Mayuol, Southern Sudanese "Lost Boys" in the U.S., were forced to flee Sudan as children when their villages were attacked in 1987, finding safety for a time i
Launched May 7, 2007 Kelly Hearn
Oil and gas finds are turning the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains and the adjacent Amazonian lowlands of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia into a hydrocarbon hotspot.
Launched April 27, 2007 Christie Aschwanden, George Lerner
More than three decades after the Vietnam War ended, the Vietnamese people continue to live with the consequences of Agent Orange, a defoliant that has come to symbolize the unintended consequence
Launched April 16, 2007 Ryan Anson
Photojournalist Ryan Anson returns to Mindanao, southern Philippines to examine the pitfalls and successes of the peace process with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).
Launched April 12, 2007 Nicholas Wadhams, Zoe Alsop
U.S.-backed Ethiopian troops grabbed headlines in late 2006, invading Somalia to drive the Islamic Courts Union from power.
Launched March 15, 2007 Alexandra Poolos
Home to the sole U.S. forward operating base into Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan maintains strong ties to Russia.
Launched February 19, 2007 Jeffrey Barbee, Stephanie Hanes
Before the Mozambican civil war, Gorongosa National Park was among the top destinations in Africa, with a higher concentration of animals than on the famed Serengeti Plain.
Launched February 11, 2007 Riccardo Gangale, Sonia Scherr
Several Vermont high school students traveled to Rwanda in December 2006 to meet with teenagers orphaned by AIDS.
Launched October 15, 2006 Andrew Cutraro, Guy Taylor
Andrew Cutraro and Guy Taylor uncloak the cult of personality surrounding the Bolivarian movement of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, and a policy of aggressive and orchestrated media relations.
Launched September 25, 2006 Jon Sawyer
Pulitzer Center Director Jon Sawyer traveled to Russia and throughout the South Caucasus, reporting on a region marred by it's conflicted history and caught between East and West, North and South.
Launched September 18, 2006 Stéphanie Giry
French attorney Jacques Vergès has devoted a long career to defending terrorists, dictators and mass murderers. He has consistently challenged the wider social order judging his defendants.
Launched September 11, 2006 Jeffrey Barbee, Michelle Nijhuis
Reporter Michelle Nijhuis and photographer Jeffrey Barbee spent 10 days on the Juneau Icefield following a research team led by veteran glaciologist Maynard Miller.
Launched July 30, 2006 Mvemba Phezo Dizolele
Conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo have resulted in millions of Congolese lives lost, while benefiting the trade of small arms and valuable minerals like coltan.
Launched June 22, 2006 Jeffrey Barbee, Stephanie Hanes
In Zimbabwe, growing political and economic instability has put unprecedented pressure on the country's environment.
Launched June 17, 2006 Tyler Marshall
Tyler Marshall reports on the prodigious spread of China's geopolitical influence across southeast Asia and the western Pacific, often in territories long noted as American allies.
Launched April 1, 2006 Gabrielle Weiss, Kris Kitto
In the thick green rainforest at the triple frontier of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, a Muslim Arab community stands accused — yet again — of complicity in international terrorism.