Launched February 1, 2010
Project: Report 2010 is a partnership between YouTube and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, made possible by Sony and Intel.
Launched January 28, 2010 Jordan Wilson
For about 18 months, more than a half of million people from the Ugandan area have been displaced after post-election violence forced them from their homes.
Launched December 4, 2009 Kira Kay, Jason Maloney
Haitians and international observers alike are once again speaking of a "moment of hope" for Haiti.
Launched November 30, 2009 Philip Brasher
African farmers already struggle to grow sufficient maize, which is a thirsty, fertilizer-hungry crop. What will happen as the climate changes and the population grows?
Launched November 21, 2009 Maha Atal
"The Economics of Security" explores the threat of extremist violence in South Asia, especially Pakistan, and its possible remedies.
Launched November 20, 2009 Sara Peach
Across the globe, many young adults and children worry about the potentially catastrophic effects of climate change.
Launched October 31, 2009 Linda Matchan, Michele McDonald
In the remote northern reaches of one of the wealthiest countries of the world is an aboriginal community whose young people are slowly perishing by suicide.
Launched October 25, 2009 Christiane Badgley
The pipeline across Chad and Cameroon that ExxonMobil built with World Bank help has residents chafing at promises unmet.
Launched October 6, 2009 Jina Moore, Glenna Gordon
Glenna Gordon and Jina Moore look at Liberia's efforts to restore law and justice -- for victims of sexual violence, for communities in conflict and for the nation as a whole.
Launched October 2, 2009 Micah Fink, Gabrielle Weiss
Jamaica has the reputation of being one of the most violently anti-gay countries on earth. Male homosexual acts are criminalized – and can be punished with up to 10 years of hard time in prison.
Launched September 29, 2009 Hanna Ingber
In the U.S., a woman has a 1 in 4,800 chance of dying from complications due to pregnancy or childbirth in her lifetime. In Ethiopia, a woman has a 1 in 27 chance of dying. Hanna shares her experiences and observations in a five-part series on Mothers Of Ethiopia.
Launched September 18, 2009 Rebecca Byerly
Kashmir, the ruggedly beautiful mountainous region that lies along the India-Pakistan border, was long known as 'paradise on earth,' but in recent decades it has been more like hell.
Launched September 15, 2009 Daniel Grossman
Planet Earth's average temperature has risen about one degree Fahrenheit in the last fifty years. By the end of this century it will be several degrees higher, according to the latest climate research. But global warming is doing more than simply making things a little warmer. 
Launched September 8, 2009 Daniel Brook
As an urban planning graduate student at the Hamburg University of Technology, Egyptian architect Mohamed Atta researched what he saw as the intrusions of Western modernist architecture.
Launched August 29, 2009 Jason Maloney, Kira Kay
August 30, 2009 marked the 10th anniversary of East Timor's internationally organized referendum in which 79% of the population voted to break away from Indonesia and build a nation of their own.
Launched August 29, 2009 Jason Maloney, Kira Kay
It has been 14 years since the Dayton Peace Accords, brokered at an Ohio Air Force base, ended the brutal civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Launched August 28, 2009 Matthias Bruggman, Nir Rosen
Nir Rosen embedded with American troops in Afghanistan to observe the COIN strategy first-hand, and to explore how, and if, it is in fact working.
Launched August 14, 2009 Deena Guzder
Deena Guzder exposes how the economic crisis has changed the nature of sex tourism in Thailand.
Launched August 11, 2009 Jason Maloney, Kira Kay
This project was produced in partnership with the Bureau for International Reporting.
Launched July 23, 2009 Jason George, Christopher Booker
In the arctic, warmer weather has already reshaped fauna and flora zones, and sea ice melted last year at the highest levels in modern history.
Launched July 14, 2009 Stine Eckert
As U.S. citizens missed their chance to elect a woman for president for the first time in 2008, Bangladeshis elected a female prime minister past December for the fourth time.
Launched June 24, 2009 Shaun McCanna
If a strong educational system is key to a country's success, there is every reason to worry about Afghanistan's future.
Launched June 24, 2009 Tracy Boyer
Nestled in a remote northern Honduras valley, Santa Lucia and the surrounding area are home to 20,000 rural inhabitants. These families rely solely on their agrarian skills for a subsistent living. According to UNICEF, over one-third of Honduran infants are malnourished due to this indigenous...
Launched June 16, 2009 Marco Vernaschi
Sub-Saharan Africa, the poorest region on Earth, is a place where more than 600,000 women die in pregnancy or childbirth every year due to lack of proper care and only 30 percent of the population