Launched July 15, 2016 Amanda Ulrich
After the European Union’s plan to send new refugees from Greece back to Turkey, Italy is more inundated with refugees than ever. And Rome is at the center of it all.
Launched July 15, 2016 Maddy Crowell, Sara Hylton
India is building the first-ever railway to its "lost valley." What will it mean for Kashmir?
Launched July 14, 2016 Nadja Drost, Bruno Federico
With food shortages, collapsing health care, spiraling violence, political chaos and an economy in free-fall, Venezuelans of all types are living out the slow collapse of their country.
Launched July 12, 2016 Elliott Woods
With a population numbering just 5 million, Central African Republic is a microcosm of sub-Saharan Africa's most enduring political and humanitarian crises. It is also the site of one of the continent's most ambitious attempts at preserving biodiversity.
Launched July 5, 2016 Nick Schifrin, Zach Fannin
From Estonian militias to separatist fighters in Ukraine, tensions between NATO and Russia are approaching Cold War levels.
Launched July 3, 2016 Aditi Kantipuly
More than half of all HIV-positive individuals will experience an eye complication during their lifetime. One such complication is CMV retinitis, which can lead to permanent blindness.
Launched July 1, 2016 Paula Bronstein
Documenting the collateral damage from America’s longest war.
Launched June 22, 2016 Sarah A. Topol, Glenna Gordon
“You people will know your mistakes,” one boy was told. “You have come to where you will enjoy your life.”
Launched June 21, 2016 Esha Chhabra
Media and customers are pushing brands to rethink their supply chains, especially in fashion and beauty. Can India deliver new inventive business models that are people and planet friendly?
Launched June 14, 2016 Wudan Yan
Palm oil—a product that appears in candy bars, cereal, and cosmetics—is a product the world needs. But can it be produced in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner?
Launched June 13, 2016 Simeon Tegel
US-led prohibition has exacted a high toll in Latin America. This project explores the impacts on communities in Bolivia and Paraguay, whose principal cash crops are coca and cannabis respectively.
Launched June 9, 2016 Alexandria Bombach
Many Afghans are grappling with the decision to leave or stay in Afghanistan right now. Their choice is not a simple one, as they stand to lose so much no matter what they decide.
Launched June 9, 2016 Nikita Sampath
While the developed world continues to deliberate climate change, the seas have already found their way into Bangladeshi lives.
Launched June 7, 2016 Alice Su
China's Muslim minorities make up only two percent of the population, but comprise 20 million people. How do they relate to Islam, the state, the majority Han Chinese and one another?
Launched June 6, 2016 Beatrice Obwocha
Crashes by heavy commercial vehicles not only lead to loss of lives but also have a negative impact to the economy in East Africa.
Launched May 31, 2016 Emily Baumgaertner, Ana P. Santos
Pulitzer Center grantees present their reporting at the Women Deliver International Conference 2016.
Launched May 25, 2016 Julia Barton, Sophie Pinkham
Two years after Euromaidan, the Russian seizure of Crimea and conflicts in eastern Ukraine, a depressing new reality has sunk in for many displaced Ukrainians: they're not getting their old lives back.
Launched May 25, 2016 Larry C. Price, Justin Kenny
Pollution sickens and kills millions of people worldwide each year. This project explores the most toxic places with a focus on causes, consequences and possible solutions.
Launched May 23, 2016 Sally H. Jacobs
The US and Cuba are poised at the alter, prenuptials in hand. But as headlines forecast the fruits of the union and tourists flood Havana, there are already signs of unease.
Launched May 23, 2016 Jamie McGee, Larry McCormack
Economic development strategies that focus on job creation over direct aid gain traction in rural Haiti, offering insights on how to overcome longstanding challenges in addressing poverty.
Launched May 17, 2016 Helen Epstein
In February 2016, Uganda strongman Yoweri Museveni won another election which opposition groups and international observers say was not free and fair.
Launched May 16, 2016 Dara Mohammadi
We might soon have a treatment for Huntington's disease, but the Latin American communities who helped scientists uncover the cause are too poor to benefit. Who will help these forgotten people?
Launched May 16, 2016 Dominic Bracco II
A multimedia project about the psychology of violence. The project follows Diego, a former gang member, on his personal journey of reconciliation and redemption in Ciudad Juarez.
Launched May 15, 2016 Abe Kenmore
With new, harsher immigration bills being considered and more migrants seeking entrance to the UK, what is life really like for the more than 400,000 people in Britain without legal status?