Launched April 10, 2018 Rachel Oswald
With the threat from North Korea growing and new insecurity about the reliability of the U.S. alliance, support is growing inside South Korea for the country to have its own nuclear weapon.
Launched April 10, 2018 Alex Potter
Three years into the civil and international war, Yemen's health systems are failing. This project will show the variety of health challenges facing Yemenis: trauma, cholera, chronic, and shortage.
Launched April 9, 2018 John Yang, Frank Carlson
Two reports on criminal justice: a look at efforts to keep the mentally ill out of jail and an examination of the struggle to provide the poor with public defenders.
Launched April 6, 2018 Viridiana Vidales Coyt
Native youth are nine times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than their non-Hispanic white peers, according to an NIH study. Community organizations in New Mexico would like to change that.
Launched April 5, 2018 Isadora Kosofsky
Girlhood Denied is the first visual journalistic project that seeks to document girls and the underrepresented Complex PTSD, a life-impacting form of traumatic stress based on sustained betrayal.
Launched April 4, 2018 Misha Friedman
Women and children spend months in Ukrainian prisons in torturous conditions. What is being done to change that?
Launched April 3, 2018 Nosmot Gbadamosi
In Gambia, authorities believe Chinese fishmeal factories will bring much needed investment to Africa’s smallest nation. Its residents disagree.
Launched April 3, 2018 Hassan Ghedi Santur
Can former fighters with a terrorist group be deradicalized and rehabilitated? An NGO in Somalia is trying to do just that with former Al-Shabab recruits who have defected from the group.
Launched April 2, 2018 Tom Hundley
The nuclear arms race between India and Pakistan is about to move into dangerous waters.
Launched March 28, 2018 Ben Mauk
In Cambodia’s floating villages, tens of thousands of ethnic Vietnamese eke out precarious lives on the Tonle Sap. Born into statelessness, they are not permitted to vote, work, or even live on land.
Launched March 25, 2018 Phil Caller, Tania Rashid
Refugees fear the fate that awaits them in Myanmar and are refusing to return without guarantees of safety. In the camps girls face being trafficked into the sex trade or forced into child marriages.
Launched March 22, 2018 Bruno Federico, Nadja Drost
Colombia’s 2016 peace deal put an end to 52 years of armed conflict and saw over 7,000 guerrillas lay down arms. But the road to build peace is long and strewn with obstacles.
Launched March 22, 2018 Joshua Hammer
Robert Mugabe's downfall after 37 years in power left beleaguered Zimbabweans euphoric, but the rise of Emmanuel Mnangagwa, aka The Crocodile, suggests that the rejoicing might be premature.
Launched March 20, 2018 Peter DiCampo, Anthony Langat
The effectiveness of foreign aid is hotly debated, but the voices of aid recipients are often missing from the conversation. This project gathered reports from citizens using mobile phone surveys and then investigated their claims.
Launched March 16, 2018 Malcolm Brabant
Russian meddling, nationalist rhetoric, and lingering hatred block Balkan conflict zones' progress.
Launched March 15, 2018 Tomaso Clavarino
While churches in the economic north are emptying out, those in the global south—especially in Africa—are growing. In Ghana, Evangelicalism and Pentecostalism are booming, but at what price?
Launched March 14, 2018 Timothy McLaughlin
Media freedom is under threat and democratic space is shrinking in Myanmar amid the fallout from the Rakhine crisis.
Launched March 13, 2018 Noah Petersen, Talia Wiener
The Pulitzer Center and the College of William & Mary continue their unique initiative to provide deeper global learning and storytelling experiences for students.
Launched March 12, 2018 Nina Robinson, Radcliffe Ruddy Roye
Nina Robinson and Ruddy Roye traveled to campuses across the country to see why young black people choose HBCUs and how they experience race in America.
Launched March 8, 2018 Marc Ellison
This innovative project utilizes illustration, photography, and video to investigate what role the Nigerian movie industry has played in the increase of witchcraft accusations against children.
Launched March 5, 2018 Natalie Hutchison
In the sleepy Peruvian rainforest hides an aquatic anomaly, protected by a shaman and for centuries thought only a legend. Explore how native cosmology is helping protect it from climate change.
Launched March 1, 2018 Samira Tella
As demand for high-quality coffee increases, but crop prices decrease, desire for low-wage labor complicates the livelihoods of the indigenous Ngäbe-Buglé population migrating between Panama and Costa Rica.
Launched February 19, 2018 Esohe Osabuohien
Exploring race and gender in Cuba is as complex as its political and economic situation. A growing population of Afro-Cubans and artist-activists are demanding a change to their narratives.
Launched February 19, 2018 Taylor Weidman, Dene-Hern Chen
For the fishing villages around the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan, fortunes ebb and flow with the water's tide.