Inside Gaza

Gazan healthcare facilities have been strangled by an Israeli blockade since June 2007, when Hamas wrested control of Gaza from rival Fatah. Since Israel began its massive offensive against Hamas on December 27, 2008, conditions in Gaza's hospitals have faced extreme difficulty in their efforts to care for thousands of wounded civilians. Gaza's hospitals are overloaded and critically under-equipped, lacking bed space in intensive care units, as well as adequate stores of blood, antibiotics, and sterile surgical equipment. To make matter worse, ambulance crews attempting to deliver trauma cases to hospitals risk getting caught in the crossfire between the Israel Defense Force and Hamas.

Writer Elliott Woods and Photographer Asim Rafiqui report from inside Gaza documenting the effects of Israel's blockade and military operations on Gaza's medical infrastructure and on the daily realities of Gaza's residents. Woods and Rafiqui will document the efforts of doctors, nurses, and ambulance crews as they attempt to manage scores of trauma cases in dilapidated facilities. Through contacts in Gaza's mental health community, they will also explore the psychological ruin brought upon Gazan children by living under the blockade and by exposure to large-scale violence.

Gaza Faces Ice Age on Eve of Israeli Elections

“It doesn’t matter who wins in Israel, they are all the same to Gaza.”

Such was the sentiment of Said Sharafa, 26, a Gazan employee of DHL Express, with regard to upcoming Knesset elections in Israel. Sharafa’s statement points to a general sense of foreboding that overshadows an already dark horizon for Gazans, regardless of their political affiliation.

Gaza City Street Art

Elliott D. Woods, for the Pulitzer Center
Gaza City — Here are some photos of street art in Gaza City. The Fatah slogans are gone, they've been whitewashed and scribbled over with new Hamas slogans, but the face of Abu Amar — Yasser Arafat, grandfather of Fatah — still keeps watch over at least one corner in every neighborhood.