Honduras: Fighting Malnutrition

Nestled in a remote northern Honduras valley, Santa Lucia and the surrounding area are home to 20,000 rural inhabitants. These families rely solely on their agrarian skills for a subsistent living.

According to UNICEF, over one-third of Honduran infants are malnourished due to this indigenous lifestyle. Four percent of Honduran children die before reaching five years of age, at a rate five times higher than that of U.S.

Shoulder to Shoulder, a non-profit organization based in Honduras, is combating youth malnourishment by providing lunch daily to 2,000 children. Their health clinics also provide 24-hour support for the indigenous people, offering preventative medicine, primary care and emergency support.

Multimedia producer Tracy Boyer documents Shoulder to Shoulder's work and how U.S. physicians, medical students and other volunteers are battling health and hunger issues in this rural region.