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Project November 3, 2020

Barred: A Prisons Project



In a five-part series, this project draws attention to the realities of a neglected and reviled group—incarcerated people, past and present.

Each article captures narratives around the impact and experiences of incarceration, accompanied by a critical take on issues ailing the Indian criminal justice system. The Indian media has always paid disproportionate attention to cases involving "high-profile" prisoners or those identified as "political prisoners."

In a country where approximately five lakh people are incarcerated every year, this limited focus barely does justice to the system's real victims—the "lower" castes, Denotified Tribes, Adivasis, women, children, and transgender people. Many are imprisoned for petty offenses or have poor or no representation, and remain incarcerated for unconscionably long periods, but never make it to public discourse.

The Wire published stories on extreme living conditions, lack of medical care and legal support, and violence within the system. Stories of prisoners and the system were collected using different mediums—audio, video, written.


Criminal Justice


Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice