Conflict and Peace Building

The Pulitzer Center has focused on conflict and peacebuilding since our earliest days, including Executive Director Jon Sawyer’s reporting from Darfur in 2006, our very first project. Our reporting digs beneath the surface of the headlines, helping to understand the drivers of conflict and exploring the pathways to peace.

Reporting from Conflict and Peacebuilding examines and questions the roots of conflict, whether it be nationalistic, religious or sectarian, a security vacuum, a struggle for natural resources, or the desperation that results from poverty.

Pulitzer Center journalists also cover war's aftermath: the transitional governments that result in chaos, diplomacy that goes awry, peace talks that never end, and the people who suffer the consequences, young and old—including children who go hungry, lose their homes, leave school, or become combatants.

Right now, Pulitzer Center grantees are on the ground reporting on the Russian invasion of Ukraine from Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Latvia, and surrounding countries. Learn more about how we’re reporting on global conflicts.

We also continue to shine a light on conflict and humanitarian crises around the world when most others have turned away—with active projects in Mozambique, Ethiopia, and Afghanistan, to conflicts sparked out at sea.