The #ShowMeYourTree campaign is a communications plan to involve as many people as possible in sharing our love for the world’s rainforests. Heroes like YOU can create content around a tree, forest area, or ecosystem that you have grown up with or have a connection to. The aim is to build an emotive, living platform where authentic anecdotes and memories linked to our natural environment can be shared.

In Southeast Asia, communities are up against major challenges, such as: 

  • Big businesses and governments making money from shared resources and turning a blind eye to the damage caused to the climate and environment;
  • Community displacement by gold mines in Myanmar; 
  • Illegal poaching and logging in the Cardamom mountains of Cambodia; 
  • Expulsion of Indigenous peoples from their ancestral lands in Thailand.

Individual voices are often shut down or go unheard in the rainforest. We want your help to change that with the social media tools you already have.

The goal is to inspire and build a network of engaged youth and citizens working toward socially-sound rainforest conservation in the Mekong region through a platform for idea and knowledge exchange, collaboration, and solidarity.

The #ShowMeYourTree campaign will launch in October 2022. Stay up-to-date on the initiative and opportunities to get involved below.