Pulitzer Center Internship Program

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting seeks general and education interns throughout the year, generally for six- to 12-month terms to get the word out about our international reporting projects, with the aim of increasing the reach of our projects and expanding the debate around the international issues they cover. 

The Pulitzer Center is an award-winning non-profit journalism organization in the heart of Washington, DC. We support journalists to report on systemic global issues critically important to our understanding of the world but often ignored by mainstream media. We work to place their stories in high-end outlets, from The New York Times, PBS NewsHour, PRI’s The World, National Geographic, and NPR, as well as an array of social media.

We also create innovative educational programs to connect students, teachers and the public with the print reporters, photographers, filmmakers, radio documentarians and multimedia journalists who work with us around the world.

Upcoming full-time internship opportunities and application deadlines:

  • Spring/Summer 2021 General Internship: Applications due October 12, 2020 - New Application Process Details Forthcoming 

General Interns: 
Our interns are in the thick of it all: posting content, getting the word out on events, brainstorming ways to broaden the reach of the journalists’ work, and more! 

The general intern’s main responsibilities include:

  • Build and post stories from our journalist grantees for our newly redesigned website
  • Assist with event coordination and participate in events such as Talks @ Pulitzer, film festivals and gallery exhibitions that further promote the work of Pulitzer Center journalist grantees and expand the public's awareness of global affairs
  • Support production of multimedia and related media assets of journalists' projects  
  • Contribute to and maintain our online profiles, social networking sites and channels (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the YouTube Channel)
  • Assist in design and distribution of event flyers and promotional materials
  • Write and post blogs related to reporting content, events and news about the Pulitzer Center

Applicants should have an interest in, and familiarity with, current international affairs, and the news media landscape. Excellent copy-editing and design skills a plus, as is competence with Excel.

Not required but desirable: familiarity with HTML, familiarity with strategic influencers who can help draw attention to our reporting, and experience with increasing web traffic through campaigns such as Google Adwords and social networking sites.

Education Interns: 
Are you excited about connecting students to the most important global issues of our time? Do you geek out on curriculum design and education programming development? Are you passionate about helping young people see the value of quality journalism at a time of “fake news” and “alternative facts”?

Our education team works with middle and high schools, as well as universities, to bring pressing international issues, and the journalists who cover them, into the classroom. Our resources engage the latest international reporting across all media platforms and focus on a wide range of topics—many of them under-reported—including climate change, women and children in crisis, religion and public policy, water and sanitation, refugees and migrants, human rights, and public health.

Through the Pulitzer Center’s education programming, students and teachers access reporting projects from hundreds of professional journalists for powerful educational experiences that may include journalist presentations, reporting and photography workshops for students, professional development for teachers, and more.

The Pulitzer Center education team seeks an intern who will help us grow the reach and efficacy of our journalism projects and education resources by supporting the creation of lesson plans, working to expand our video-conferencing program, assisting with documenting and assessing our work, and researching new partnerships and funding sources. This is a great opportunity for a creative and passionate educator to team up with some of the best journalists in the world and develop partnerships with educators.

The education intern's main responsibilities include:

  • Support curriculum design using our journalism projects to provide compelling and useful models for teachers in a variety of disciplines in middle and high school. In some cases you will be working closely with journalists and journalism outlets to provide lesson plans linked directly to the reporting when it’s published.
  • Document education program activities through blog posts, podcasts, video and other media.
  • Manage and expand our online video-conferencing network (Microsoft’s Skype in the Classroom) to include more journalism projects and more teachers, especially in remote areas. We are also looking to create lasting connections with the teachers who use the program, and to standardize our assessment methodology. This is a relatively new area for us and one where we see potential for much growth.
  • Support the design and implementation of education program assessments with education partners.
  • Review and edit published lessons from our lesson builder community to improve their usability and make them easier to find.
  • Research conferences and professional development opportunities for our team to network with educators.
  • Investigate grant opportunities for dedicated education funding.
  • Support scheduling and coordination of classroom visits by journalists.

How To Apply:

New application process details forthcoming for internships. If any questions, please let us know at jobs@pulitzercenter.org and include in subject line whether you are interested in the general internship or education internship and for what timeframe.

Interns receive a $2,200 stipend per month. Internships generally average approximately six to 12 months–with the possibility of extension based in part on the original internship period. 

For more information about our work, please browse through our website and related social media sites. The Pulitzer Center is located near Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. Easily accessible by public transportation.

Pulitzer Center internships provide excellent training for the future: Our multimedia and education coordinators both started as Pulitzer Center interns. Former interns have gone on to some amazing jobs:

-- Erin Banco became a freelance journalist with work appearing in such outlets as The New York Times, Newsweek, and Foreign Policy among others, and is now a Middle East correspondent for the International Business Times.

-- Jake Naughton went to graduate school at CUNY in New York where he became a New York Times photo intern and remains a frequent Times contributor.

-- Maura Youngman went to graduate school at the University of Michigan School of Information and did a stint at the Berkman Center at Harvard before landing at The New York Times doing UX (user experience) research.