War and Conflict

The Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Hamas wars dominated headlines in 2023. Meanwhile, other armed conflicts—in Congo, Sudan, Myanmar, and elsewhere—continue almost unnoticed even as they disrupt lives, create new waves of refugees, and threaten to destabilize entire regions.  

The Pulitzer Center’s War and Conflict coverage offers journalists and news outlets the opportunity to examine the roots of conflict, whether it be nationalistic, ethnic, religious, a security vacuum, a struggle for natural resources, or the desperation that results from poverty. Our journalism shines a light on conflict and humanitarian crises around the world when most others have turned away, and investigates pathways to peace. We invite reporting proposals that look not only at these ongoing crises, but also examine the aftermath of war: the transitional governments that result in chaos, diplomacy that goes awry, peace talks that never end, and the people who suffer the consequences.