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Meet the Journalist

Meet Sean Gallagher

Sean Gallagher is a British photographer currently based in China. To date he has lived and worked across the world, spending extended periods of time in locations as diverse as Japan, Brazil, New Zealand, China, the United Arab Emirates and various European nations.

Meet Peter Sawyer

Peter Sawyer is the outreach coordinator for the Pulitzer Center's thirteen projects on water and sanitation issues and writes about the water and sanitation sector.

Meet Jason Motlagh

Jason Motlagh is a roving freelance multimedia journalist. He has reported from over 30 countries throughout West Africa, the Mideast, Central and South Asia for leading US and international media outlets.

Meet Ginny Hill

Ginny Hill is a British freelance journalist, writing and broadcasting on Yemen. She has reported for the BBC and NPR. Her articles have appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, the Independent, the Daily Telegraph and Jane's Islamic Affairs Analysis.

Meet Dan Grossman

Daniel Grossman is a radio and web producer, and a print journalist. In his 20 years of experience, he has reported stories from all 7 continents and has been featured on NPR, PRI, BBC, New York Times, The Boston Globe and many other world renown news outlets.

Meet Anna-Katarina Gravgaard

A print reporter from age 14, Danish Anna-Katarina Gravgaard transitioned into multimedia storytelling while studying on a Fulbright grant at Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism. She has since worked for FLYP Media, a flash-based online magazine.