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Meet Dan Grossman

Daniel Grossman is a radio and web producer, and a print journalist. In his 20 years of experience, he has reported stories from all 7 continents and has been featured on NPR, PRI, BBC, New York Times, The Boston Globe and many other world renown news outlets.

Grossman's multimedia reporting for the Pulitzer Center has investigated numerous global environmental issues, from endangered ecosystems in Ecuador, to heatwaves caused by cimate chainge in Paris, through the project Heat of the Moment.

"Why did you decide to report on this issue?" Dan Grossman discusses his climate change reports, which took him to seven different countries.

"What has been your biggest hurdle reporting on this issue?"

"How is this story related to issues in the U.S.?" Dan discusses the relevancy of international climate change issues to the United States.

"How has climate change news coverage evolved since you started reporting on these issues, and what could be done better?"