Zambia's Resource Problem

Foreign investors are clamoring for Zambia's bounty of resources. But can Zambia's government — and its people — keep their rightful share?

In Zambia, Weighing the Options

For Zambians, it's not a matter of simply loving or hating the huge amount of Chinese investment in their country. It's about finding, for better or worse, a way to work with the Chinese.

Scenes in a Changing Zambia

Chinese immigrants in Zambia are enterprising and adventurous. They build, farm, and trade with Zambians and say they want to integrate into society—and, to a large extent, already have.

China in Africa: Mine Control

As Zambians wonder why the fruits of lucrative contracts with the Chinese have not eased high poverty and unemployment levels, Zambia's government takes on Chinese investors with a new law.

Picturing Everyday Life in Africa

The New York Times Lens blog features Peter DiCampo and Austin Merrill's "Everyday Africa" photography—a project that began during a Pulitzer Center-sponsored trip to Ivory Coast.

Winstone Zulu Is Dead

Winstone Zulu, the Zambian activist who first attacked the stigma surrounding HIV 19 years ago when he publicly declared that he was living with the virus, “did not think he had finished his race.”