Putin's Secret War

With thousands of active fighters, the insurgency in Dagestan is now reportedly the largest in the Caucasus.

Russia: Putin's Return as President

The "March of Millions" brought tens of thousands of protesters to the streets in Moscow on May 6, the day before Vladimir Putin's inauguration as Russian president.

Regional Politics in Russia: A Changing Scene

Now that Russia has turned its attentions to regional politics, it is becoming apparent that the most effective opposition forces will come from those who are part of the system or close to it.

Russia Goes to the Polls

The recent presidential election in Russia represented the end of large demonstrations that have characterized the anti-Putin movement and the beginning of a strategic approach to spark reform.

Russia's Activists Regroup

The fleets of armored personnel carriers and battalions of riot police that poured into Moscow on the night of Vladimir Putin's election victory made clear that reform will not come easily.