Pakistan: Poetry Fights Back

The Taliban’s opponents in Pakistan-Afghanistan border region are fighting back using the arts that religious fundamentalists seek to destroy—poems adapted to traditional Pashto music.

Pakistani Girl Defies Honor Killing

Kidnapped and raped by four men, a 17-year-old Pakistani girl fights an uphill battle against Pakistan’s trial procedures and the stigma of not submitting to an honor killing.

Dancing Girls of the Swat Valley

Female singers and dancers living in Pakistan's Swat Valley can no longer make a decent living as the Taliban considers performers to be sinners and often attack those who pursue careers in the arts.

Update from the Swat Valley in Pakistan

After last year's devastating floods and a violent Taliban insurgency, the people of Pakistan's Swat Valley are struggling to rebuild the lives.

Pakistan: Life in a Karachi Shelter

Pakistani women who marry against their family's will often face death threats. Some find refuge in local shelters.

Life in the Swat Valley

Mingora is not only the administrative capital of Swat Valley; it is also the main center of social, cultural and economic activities in the Malakand region.