The Story Of Neelum From Charbagh

Neelum lost her world when her husband was killed in a suicide bombing outside his shop in the Swat Valley of Pakistan. She doesn't know who to ask about her suffering -- the Taliban or the military.

Is All Well in the Swat Valley?

"The area has been cleared of terrorists" is a common refrain in Pakistani media, but in the Swat Valley, trauma from the conflict between Pakistani security forces and Taliban militants remains.

Volunteer Values

World leaders are counting on volunteers to help attain the Millennium Development Goals. But why then is the volunteer contribution so grossly under-counted?

The Politics of Humanitarian Aid

Following Pakistan's floods, U.S. policy of humanitarian aid accompanied by continuing drone attacks exacerbates rather than alleviates tensions.

Rebuilding Bridges through the Land of Mountains

Unlike in southern regions where the floodwaters slowly and stealthily supersaturated entire villages, the waters in the north raged through mountain ravines with the ferocity of a runaway train.  Today, parts of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province still resemble a warzone: battered bridges, crushed schools, and leveled villages.