Congo (DRC)

Rape in DR Congo: Victims and Torturers

Lloyd-Davies travelled to Minova in South Kivu province to report on the horror of the thousands of rape cases perpetrated by the Congolese national army, which is now facing its victims in court.

DRC: Taking the Conflict Out of Congo's Tin

Control of Eastern Congo’s minerals has been a key driver in the fighting that has killed over 5 million people. A new project may have the answer – to produce conflict-free tin from a mine.

Congo: Soldiers Ordered to Rape

Last November soldiers from the Congolese Army went on a rampage of looting and rape in the market town of Minova, in Eastern DRC. For the first time, perpetrators reveal what motivates them to rape.

Conservation and Conflict in the Congo

A bitter land conflict has allowed a brutal militia to gather support in its fight against conservation efforts in the Ituri rainforest. The locals must live with the deadly consequences.