Afghanistan: Khost City

Andrew and I spent the afternoon in Khost today interviewing a local journalist and the governor of the province. It was funny because driving into town people would stop and do a double take when they saw us. It is rare, I guess, to see Western faces not in uniform on the streets of Khost.

Afghanistan: Afghan Police and Army

Andrew and I spent the last few days in the Sabari District in Khowst Province. The paratroopers from the 82nd are living out there, which is part of a new strategy to keep constant pressure on the Taliban by keeping a presence in the districts surrounding Khost city.

Afghanistan: Kuwait

Okay... I know all of you have been waiting for us to finally show up in Afghanistan.

It took us a week, but we are finally here. We arrived late yesterday on a C-130 flight from Bagram to Salerno, the base just outside of Khost City on the Afghan-Pakistan border.

For those in the know, waiting for a flight in Kuwait takes monk like patience and a little luck. We had neither...

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Creating Police Force is Struggle

Creating an independent, noncorrupt police force in a place like Afghanistan was never going to be easy, not with feuding warlords and deep ethnic divisions and the temptation of easy money from the world's biggest source of heroin.