Afghan Reporter Tells Her Story

Zarghoona Salehi covers education and health for Pajhwok Afghan News. Her job as a female journalist puts her an uncomfortable half step ahead of the culture in which she lives.

Crossfire in Kandahar

Unprecedented journalism applies for local and foreign journalists covering the war in Afghanistan while NATO and the Taliban compete in a battle of information and propaganda. 

Reporting from Afghanistan

Since the fall of the Taliban, dozens of private radio and TV stations and hundreds of newspapers and magazines compete to satisfy Afghans' growing appetite for news and information. One Afghan's hopes for independent journalism.

Why Not to Cover the Taliban: An Afghan Perspective

Afghans working with foreign news agencies know that despite the Taliban's "extraordinary" public relations skills, their livelihoods as journalists exist only during Taliban failure.

Don’t Jail Them, Train Them

The arrests of Afghan journalists this past week for allegedly enabling the Taliban propaganda machine raise questions about journalists' roles in the age of information warfare.

Do Politicians Ever Tell the Truth?

Discerning truth from lies stemming from public misinformation presents a weighty challenge for Afghan reporters covering the country's parliamentary election.