Afghanistan: The Fight Goes On

"Bin Laden was just one man. Why should his death bring any changes here?" said Colonel Nur Ahmad, the deputy police chief of Jowzjan province.

Massacre in Mazar

The murdered U.N. workers are the latest trauma for Mazar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan, a city that's seen centuries of horrific killings.

Afghanistan Dispatch: Permanent Recess

In Afghanistan, literacy is a villager’s only chance to break the cycle of poverty. But despite billions of dollars of aid, the children of Oqa and other far-flung settlements remain illiterate.

Living on Afghan Time

A village timekeeper's historical narrative of Afghanistan depicts elements of the past that offer predictions for the future.

The Tale of Forty Maidens

Women's shelters in Afghanistan offer little protection and no "long turn assurances" for women fleeing domestic violence.

Cold and Violent

Just months before the first U.S. troops are scheduled to withdraw from Afghanistan, the country's north, once its safest part, is now under threat from the Taliban.

Cold clasps the loess plains that curve toward the great Oxus. It has whitewashed with snow the saw-tooth jaws of the Hindu Kush. It has eaten raw the fingers of street vendors and stunted the emerald sprouts of winter wheat, barely visible against the dun monochrome of the dormant northern desert. Afghan friends tell me this has been the coldest winter here in a decade.

It has also been the most violent.