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University of Michigan

The University of Michigan was founded in 1817 as the Catholepistemiad, or University of Michigania. Renamed to the University of Michigan in 1821, the University now has over 42,700 students and is an international model of a diverse and comprehensive public institution.

The University of Michigan supports research, provides undergraduate, graduate and professional educational studies, and serves people around the world through its many partnerships and collaborations.

The Pulitzer Center will be working with the Communication Studies department, whose mission is to study and teach about the mass media and emerging media. The department looks into the evolution, effect and use of mass media by everyday people. The department cultivates media literacy among its students and produces cutting-edge scholars who focus on the media’s impact on individuals and society.

We Are Not Hidden: Race in Cuba

Exploring race and gender in Cuba is as complex as its political and economic situation. A growing population of Afro-Cubans and artist-activists are demanding a change to their narratives.

India: Migrating Into Slavery

Each winter hundreds of thousands of Indians migrate north to man the world's second largest brick industry. They're promised opportunity, but many are bonded into debt.

Life Inside: Art in Brazil Prisons

What happens when you send 20 University of Michigan students into Brazilian prisons to facilitate theater workshops? Join the Prison Creative Arts Project as they travel to Rio de Janiero, Brazil.