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University of Miami

One of our earliest "journalist tours" included a stop at the University of Miami with a focus on under-told stories from South America. We return to the University of Miami in spring 2012 for the formal launch of our Campus Consortium partnership, focusing on Haiti and incorporating the Pulitzer Center’s multimedia production of “Voices of Haiti” with poet Kwame Dawes.

A private research university with more than 15,000 students from around the world, the University of Miami is a vibrant and diverse academic community focused on teaching and learning, the discovery of new knowledge, and service to the South Florida region and beyond. Working in conjunction with the School of Communication, the Pulitzer Center aims to create interdisciplinary links across the campus.

The School of Communication is student centered, dedicated to a “hands-on/early-on” learning experience within a globally diverse context. The School is charting new territory with its curriculum that not only reflects contemporary professional practice, but embraces the future with a vigorous intellectual excitement. A connected, integrated and converged media rich environment supports the students in their quests to learn and lead. The School believes that communication is the essential glue of world society and those who embrace it as their calling will become the most influential men and women on the globe.

South Africa: Death for a Disability Grant

Receiving a disability grant in South Africa can be likened to winning the lottery. HIV positive residents who are poor may be forced to choose between their life and money to feed their families.

South Africa: Ntuthu's Choice to Bear Life

In South Africa, HIV positive women are not encouraged to have children. Ntuthu, who is HIV positive but wanted to have a baby, found the information she needed to give birth to a healthy child.