Lesson Plan March 13, 2020

Printable Lessons for Students



Exploring "The Idea of America" by Nikole Hannah-Jones: Students are introduced to Hannah-Jones' essay, and to The 1619 Project as a whole, through guided reading and reflection questions.

Analyzing the Impacts of Climate Change on Cape Cod: Students explore the effects of climate change on everything from ecosystems to business interests to quality of life. 

Sourcing our Stuff: Exploring Ethics in Clothing, Accessories, and Food: Students cultivate an awareness of how our consumption habits connect us with people and places across the globe and how we can be more ethical in our choices.

Examining the Depiction of War and the Conflict in Yemen: Students examine questions about what forms war can take, how it affects civillians, how journalists can report on conflicts well, and more by exploring several news stories on the conflict in Yemen.

Learning About Family Migration from Indigenous Villages in Guatemala: Students explore the causes and long-term effects of migration from Guatemala on its rural communities and families.

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