Lesson Plans

Global concern


Aim: scan the text and answer the following questions according to the information given. (2 points each)

1. What is the relation  between the concepts Cold War and Ice Age?

2. Why is mentioned a year in the first paragraph?

3. What is the harrowing finding in paragraph 2?

4.What is Nuclear Winter theory about?

5. How can (or could)  the man  alter the earth climate? Give examples.

Educator Notes: 

This lesson intends to reinforce reading comprehension as well as the use of reading micro-skills (skimming and scanning) to grasp the information effectively. The lesson promotes debate and reasoning while reading the text. It also enhances coherence and cohesion when understanding the information. With the text we can check the use of passive voice too, and so on.

The idea behind this is trying to use the resource in many ways along the class and to assess the tasks using the four basic skills.

  1. We can check reading comprehension by means of a questionnaire. (see above)
  2. Students create a slogan based on their understanding of the issue read.
  3. Students create a poster including meaningful concepts of the matter learnt in class.

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