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Environmental justice

People swim by the Danjiangkou Dam in central China. Image by Sharron Lovell. China, 2015.

Cao Suizhou, a Chinese fisherman on the Danjiangkou reservoir, is used to moving. He's been forcibly relocated three times for China's country’s colossal water projects and each time he's rebuilt his life from scratch. In 2009 Cao’s village was moved to make way for China's South-to-North Water Transfer Project, his small business was torn down along with his home. While Cao's wife relocated to the new village, Cao moved onto his boat to sustain the family’s livelihood. Image by Sharon Lovell. China, 2015.

Epa is a liaison between the Peru's isolated Indigenous tribes and the modern world. He lives with three wives, a mother-in-law, and many dogs in a hand-built shelter along the Curanja River in the Purús Communial Reserve. Image by Jason Houston. Peru, 2015.

When He Quangui is too sick to walk, his wife carries him. They have a very close relationship, and according to a relative, are “still like two teenagers who just fell in love.” Photo by Sim Chi Yin. China, 2013.

A young boy attends class inside the Mari Lia Church in Erbil. Image by Sebastian Meyer. Iraq, 2014.

Image by Reana Thomas. Kashmir, 2014.

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