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Lesson Plan February 9, 2018

Ending Epidemics: Strategies for Preventing the Spread of Infectious Diseases


Each group should answer the following questions:

  1. What is this piece about? Write a one or two sentences that you could use to summarize what the reporting was about.
  2. How are the events in each story related? Create a timeline and explain the connection between events.
  3. Who is it about? Who are the individuals identified and why do you think a journalist would use them as a source and/or include them?
    • Do you think any of these people are using epidemiology?
    • If yes, how? If no, why not?
  4. What methods are people using to prevent people with the virus from becoming ill or dying?
    • What methods are used to stop the spread of the virus?
    • How is the public or individuals with the virus involved in the attempt to prevent the spread of the disease?
    • Why do people think these methods will work?
    • What are the challenges to using them?
    • Is there any evidence of their efficacy presented in the reporting?
    • Based on what you viewed and read, can you make any generalization about what makes a disease prevention program successful?
  5. What part of the reporting stood out to you?
    • Was there anything that surprised you or that you did not know about?
    • Did anything remind you of a situation you have been in or something that has happened in your life?